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Mother’s Day 2016

True Life had one of the best Mother’s day services! Our pastors wife, Sis. Perkins, was the speaker; delivering a word about service to the kingdom, and calling out to God when we are in need. In I Kings 17, during a time of drought, the prophet Elijah goes to the widow woman and asks for something to eat, as God commanded. She hesitates saying all she has is enough for her and her son one last meal. She finally obeys and from that moment until the drought was over her basket of flour was never exhausted, nor the jar of oil was empty. Later her son dies and the prophet Elijah prays to God for the son, and God restores life.
Elijah in this instance represents the Kingdom. The widow was taking care of the Kingdom. When we take care of the Kingdom, we can call on God in the time of calamity and God will hear us. He will supply for our needs. He knows every sacrifice we make as women (and men!) for the Kingdom.
The message was followed by a powerful altar service in which God ministered to the mothers of True Life. We are so thankful for our mothers!

It Is Well

We appreciate Bro. Hearn and his family coming to minister at True Life this Sunday.  The Holy Ghost moved in a mighty way in many lives.  No matter what we go through in life, through God we can learn to say “it is well.”  Bro.Hearn


True Life ladies had a fun and refreshing time at Texas Women’s Conference this year.  We experienced anointed singing and preaching of the Word and sold a lot of merchandise from our booth which goes to Mother’s Memorial.  This year our very own First Lady Roxanna Perkins was asked to present a pre-service concert and was able to debut her new cd “Blueprints”.  The picture below is a few ladies who were able to represent the Blueprints tshirt!  Thanking God for  His many blessings and safe travels.

Blueprint brigade